2016 Asian Festival

Hello Ito Sensei,

I deeply thank you for sharing '16 Asian Festival with MVKC members.

To be a performer, it does not matter if you are beginner, experienced,
man, woman, young, old, rich, poor, single, married, Asian, or not
Asian....(Yes! You do not have to be an Asian to participate in Asian
Festival). What matters most is that you have kendo passion!! If you have it, then, this is your time to express and to share your passion.

By performing, your passion has the potential of attracting more would-be kendoholic candidates!! Like S.Ito sensei!! Well,.... people like us.....

This festival will be a great venue to recruit, to advertise, to entertain,
to educate, and to gain local community support and understanding.. And, once the local community become more familiar to kendo, and of its benefit to the community, it has potential of opening many doors for us, like, renting gym at a reasonable rate, and gaining sponsorships (note: ECUSKF is now NPO!! with special tax status.).

For those of you who are unfamiliar, and who are unsure of performing for Asian Festival, or, for that matter, performing in front of any large gathering, I will leave you with several websites for encouragement. Here is 2016 Asian Festival website.


Columbus JLS kids performing two years ago at OSU Japan Spring Festival.
OSU KC and small group of CJLS kids will perform this Sunday, 4/10/2016 from 12:30-12:55pm at OSU. Come see us perform!!
4/15/2016 is Asian Festival application deadline.
Please inform Ito Sensei of your interest to perform. If you are under 17, Asian Festival will provide free bento.
Hope to see you all there!!

Nori Hotta

Kendo T-Shirts for Sale

Hello ECUSKF dojo representatives,
Let me introduce kendo goods, which Imafuji-sensei has. You might be interested in.
He is attending this Saturday Referee Seminar, so you can directly ask him if you have any question.

Kendo For Life Store
Shuhei Ito


AUSKF Zone 2 Ref Seminar: MWKF, ECUSKF, GNEUSKF (Ohio area)


We are happy to announce that AUSKF is planning a Zone 2 Referee Seminar this coming June.  This is in preparation for the upcoming Jr. Nationals Tournament and future national events over the next 3 years.

We are working with Sakamoto-sensei in Chicago to have the seminar there on June 11 & 12, 2016.

Please make plans to attend this event as it will be a comprehensive seminar with new information and participants will be credited for attending and consideration as referees at the Jr. Nationals.

In the next week or so, we will be sending out more information as we confirm some logistics.  The seminar will focus on those who are 3-dan and above, however those who are 1 & 2 dan may also attend as it will further their kendo knowledge and skills.  Everyone is expected to actively participate from 3-dan to 6-dan as referees and shiaisha.  1 & 2 dan can assist as shiaisha.

We hope that as many of you as possible can attend this important seminar.  

Please note that this seminar is not limited to your federations only, other AUSKF members are free to attend as the information will be the same across all Zone seminars.  In case you cannot attend this particular seminar, we will have others Zone seminars in the upcoming year.


AUSKF Referee Committee

- Yuji Onitsuka

- Tim Yuge

- Court Tanouye

6th Annual Georgia Kendo Association Taikai Announcement

Arai sensei and GKA cordially invite you all to the 6th Annual Georgia Kendo Association Taikai. We had our largest event last year with over 120 participants. We would love to keep improving to grow the event as the purpose of our taikai is to promote the future generation of kenshi, and bring harmony within the Kendo community through a fair competition. We hope that you all could participate and have fun at the event.

In addition to the taikai, GKA will also host a promotion from Kyu level to 3rd Dan promotion. 

Brief Event info (more details in application):

When: May 28-29, 2016.

           promotion on Saturday, taikai on Sunday

Where: Lifetime Fitness Johns Creek

           11555 Johns Creek Parkway

         Johns Creek, GA 30097

All applications and information are in the attached document. Dojo representatives, please fill out the representative form and the soft copy to information.gka@gmail.com as well.

Thank you and see you all in May!

Team USA 2nd Team Tryouts

This is a friendly reminder that registration for the May 14-15th Team USA Prospects Training Camp will be closing in one week. The final date to register is April 4th, 2016.

Similar to the previous Training Camp, those Kenshi who dream of becoming members of Team USA or would like to experience high level training should plan on attending this event. Participants must be at least shodan (1 Dan) and registered members of AUSKF. There is no age limit, but Kenshi must be willing and able to participate in high-level national team level training.

We will be holding the 2nd Team USA Prospects Training Camp on May 14-15 at the below location and time:

Novi Middle School (Aux Gym)
49000 Eleven Mile Rd
Novi, MI 48374
5/14 (Saturday): 8am-5pm
5/15 (Sunday): 7am-12pm

Similar to the previous Training Camp, those Kenshi who dream of becoming members of Team USA should plan on attending this event. Participants must be at least shodan (1 Dan) and registered members of AUSKF. There is no age limit, but Kenshi must be willing and able to participate in high-level national team level training.

More information can be found at the link below or on the attached flyer.
The deadline for interested Kenshi to register is April 4th, 2016. For further questions regarding details of the Training Camp, please contact info@auskf-education.com.

AUSKF Jr. Open Kendo Championships Practice

JUNE Special Training for All US Jr. Youth Tournament

Date: Sunday, June 5th

Time: (Door Open 9:30 AM) 10 AM - Must clean up and leave by 2 PM

Location: Madisonville Recreation Center, Stewart Avenue, Cincinnati, OH

Address: 5320 Stewart Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45227

After gathering place: TBD - possible same place as last time

5/9 – Team Selection & Zekken Ordering Due

5/13 – Application Due

(6/4 - Koizumi-sensei Farewell Practice at OSP from 1 ~ 3 PM) 

6/5 - June Special Training at Cincinnati

(6/11&12 - AUSKF Referee Seminar at Chicago)

6/25 – Tournament Day

9th US Nito Kendo Seminar

June 17 - 19
Boise State University
Boise, Idaho USA

The 9th US Nito Kendo Seminar
The Idaho Kendo Club is looking forward to seeing you at our upcoming seminar. It is our pleasure to be hosting the following special guests:
Tadao TODA (hanshi 8 dan)
Yoshihito UGAJIN (kyoshi 7 dan)
Hirotsugu SASAKI (kyoshi 7 dan)

Information Flyer

Registration Form

Pacific Northwest Kendo Federation’s
6th North American Women’s Invitational Kendo Championship

See Attached Announcement

2016 AUSKF National Iaido Summer Camp


The Dallas/Fort Worth Kendo & Iaido Kyokai is pleased to confirm the dates for the 2016 AUSKF National Iaido Summer Camp to be held at the Dallas Sportsplex June 23-27, 2016. 

The Sportsplex (sportsplexvv.com) is located at 5702 Alpha Road, Dallas, TX  75240.

Here is the schedule:

Thursday and Friday, June 23, 24:  Iaido seminar led by guest sensei from Japan to be announced

Saturday, June 25:  2016 AUSKF Iaido Championships

Sunday, June 26: Iaido Shinsa, followed by afternoon Jodo workshop 

Monday morning, June 27: Jodo workshop ending at 12 noon

The designated hotel for the seminar is the Sheraton Dallas Hotel by the Galleria, located at 4801 LBJ Freeway, Dallas, TX  75244.   A block of rooms have been set aside on a first-come first-served basis for participants at the rate of $109.00 plus tax.  Breakfast vouchers for up to two people per room and one free parking pass per room are included.   These rates will be available only until May 23, 2016.

You may reserve your rooms through a reservation website set up by the hotel for the event.  Copy and paste the following link into your browser: 


You may also make reservations by calling the hotel’s reservation hotline at 800.325.3535.  You will need to let the agent know that you would like to book a room in the “All United States Iaido Summer Camp” room block.

The registration packet for the event will be distributed as soon as further details are confirmed and approved.

In the meantime, please visit and join the 2016 AUSKF Iaido Summer Camp Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1676542242630257/).

We’re looking forward to seeing you in Dallas!

Tomoyuki Hirasawa and Rob Tranchin

Event Co-chairs


JCCC Junior Kendo Open

The Annual JCCC Junior Kendo Tournament will be held on Sun May 29th at the JCCC (a bit later than previous years).

Tournament specific information will be sent out in the near future. Please reserve the date.


Miyazaki-sensei Kata Seminar Proposal

Dear MVKC members,
Miyazaki-sensei's KATA
It was our great pleasure to get trained from Miyazaki-sensei, Imafuji-sensei's master in Japan, at Mudokwan last time.
So much meaningful detailed of Kata gave us a lot more senses and great impacts.
We should share this experience with all MVKC members as well by inviting Imafuji-sensei to MVKC.
He currently has a physical difficulty (back pain), but we can expect him to train us early next year.
Major Benefits

  Time Table Proposal

Shuhei Ito

Fukuhara Seminar at Kosho School of Karate

Koizumi Sensei, 

Thank you again for letting me join your training  on Saturday.  It felt good to practice kendo again!

I am attaching a PDF of our Seminar Flier, Registration Form, and Liability Release.  It would be great if some members of your dojo and the ECUSKF could attend the event!

Fukuhara Seminar Brochure

Fukuhara Seminar Registration

Fukuhara Seminar Liability Waiver

Kendo on Sport Japan TV

Hello MVKC members and visitors,
Bessho-sensei introduced us an interesting short TV show on the you tube.
Please watch and find something essentially important.
Happy Holidays!
Shuhei Ito 

You tube 内で、 NHK World よる剣道紹介番組を見つけました。



Japan Kanagawa Prefecture Police Practice

Hello MVKC members and visitors,

<Japan Kanagawa Prefecture Police practice>
Please watch the youtube video "from 8:28 to 9:40" and imagine how you can copy the practice at MVKC.
We cannot simply copy and adapt their whole practice to MVKC practice, but I want to adapt and adjust only one practice for MVKC.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4aWQH0zvHk&feature=related (Entire video)
http://www.miamivalleykendo.org/Kanagawa Prefecture Police Practice clip.wmv (8:28 - 9:40)

Shuhei Ito



Video from 2014 Cleveland Kendo Tournament

Miami Valley members and visitors,

MVKC/Columbus alliance team obtained 2nd place at the Cleveland Tournament.
Here are YouTube videos.

One of 1st ~ 3rd Round

One of 1st ~ 3rd Round
Semi Final - Mid West alliance

Final - Canada alliance

Shuhei Ito

Picture Slideshow from 2013 Kentucky Tournament


Pictures courtesy of Shigemi Ishii from Central Kentucky Kendo Club

Pictures from Tsuzuki-sensei and Bessho-sensei Farewell Keiko

P1000242a.jpg P1000246a.jpg P1000247a.jpg

P1000248a.jpg P1000249a.jpg

Farewell Kakari-geiko with Ariga-sensei September 2, 2012

Koizumi-sensei has uploaded a video of the kakari-geiko onto YouTube. You can watch it here.

Bessho-sensei has also uploaded a series of photographs of the kakari-geiko. You can watch it here.

Ariga-sensei is moving to S. Carolina, but he will continue being the President of our federation and come back to Fall Promotion/JC Tournament.

Honda-sensei's articles on jigeiko.

Click here and here for Sotaro Honda-sensei's articles on jigeiko.

An excellent article on suburi.

Many thanks to Mon Lu at Minnehaha Kendo Club.  The article is a treatise on how suburi is performed.


Latest Update May 24, 2016